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NetSafety FAMILY

Protect each family member from unsuitable content and cybercrime with NetSafety Family. Simply install on their devices and customise NetSafety Family based on their individual protection needs. NetSafety Family: can restrict access to web content across 42 categories; and blocks phishing, fraud and other malicious websites used by cybercriminals.

Content categories include: Ads; Advice; Blogs; Business; Computers & Software; Education; Entertainment; File Sharing; Financial; Gambling; Games; Government; Hacking; Hate, Violence, Racism & Illegal Drugs; Health; Hobbies; Hosting; Instant Messaging; Job Search; Mature Content; Medicine, Alcohol & Cigars; Narcotics; News; Online Dating; Online Payment; Online Photo; Online Shopping; Photos & Videos; Pornography; Portals; Radio Music; Religious; Search Engines; Social Networks; Sports; Suicide; Tabloids; Time Wasters; Travel; Weapons; Web Mail; and Web Proxy.

Compatible with all major Android browsers, NetSafety Family protects each family member while they browse the web.